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I often receive emails and phone calls from people wanting to learn, whether it be as simple as how to take great photographs of their children or how to run a photography business and I am always happy to help.

I also see so many people launch into business well before they are really ready but know it can be hard to find answers and get help from people as to how to go about it properly.

It is for these reasons that I am very excited to announce that I will be offering mentoring and photography lessons for the very first time!

This isn't just limited to photographers, but to anyone who would like to learn. I love sharing and teaching and helping people devolop skills and hobbies that excite them and am looking forward to sharing a wealth of knowledge with anyone who is interested! 

I want you to to choose!  You can choose the topic, you can choose the time. There is no limit to how much time we spend together, it is all about you and your needs. 


You may like to spend an hour learning how to take better photos on your digital SLR camera, just for yourself. 

You may like to spend a full day on running a photography business from studio organisation and client management all the way to the session!

You may like to learn the technical stuff and learn how to get that Camera of Auto mode! 

You may like to spend time learning how to photograph children and families, we can even arrange models and get out in the field and shoot!

You may like to learn more about photographing weddings, from a full wedding, to perfecting certain elements. 

You may like to learn photoshop or develop a post session/wedding workflow 

You may want to refine your editing, learn lighting and flash, work with natural light, learn how to win awards, how to pose people, 

you may have just started your own business and have loads of questions to be answered.... its entirely up to you. Quiz me, pick my brains and I will share. 


I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge with you and look forward to having the opportunity to help you grow! 

If you are interested in chatting with me about what I may be able to help you with or for more information please email me at 


Not in the Bay area? That's ok, we can make arrangements to travel to you! 


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Emma bell - Hi Bianca, I am interested in how to take a good picture. How much are your training courses? Is it in a group?