June's Vendor Spotlight is the fabulous Folklore & Co.
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Are you dreaming of a beautifully styled wedding or event?  

We jump into planning a wedding with little or no experience, afterall it's not something we do every day. In that time we need to adapt, to budget, plan, research and aquire a whole new range of skills, some of which we may not be that great at. We might have a great idea of how you want your event or wedding to look but pulling it off can be hard. Hiring people who know how to create the look you want is the perfect solution!

We sat down with the team from Folklore & Co, a Batemans Bay based style team to give you all the information you need! 

Not only do Nicole and Jennifer know how to create the look you want but they nail it. I'm talking jaw dropping details you would never have thought of, details and pieces that even the most creative of us just wouldn't have access to. They can create the most incredible scene for your event or photo shoot, working with you to bring all your hopes and dreams together perfectly! 


Tell us a little about the amazing service Folklore & Co. can offer couples

Folklore & Co. style weddings, photoshoots and other shindigs. We create all manner of pretty gatherings, specialising in vintage, handmade and bespoke elements. We also do wild and whimsical florals, for those who prefer less floristy looking flowers. Ultimately, we are story tellers and like to glean inspiration from our couple, so that the visual style of their Big Day, photoshoot or party, is a reflection of who they are. 

What trends have you noticed for 2014-2015? 

~ Loose, wild bouquets and floral arrangements with lots of interesting textures.

~ Fresh flower topped cakes. 

~ Layered colour palettes. We have moved away from the white wedding with a single accent colour. We tend to use more tonal variety and several complimentary colours. We are loving the more unusual jewel hues and faded dusky tones.

~ Mismatched bridal parties. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen choosing their own outfits, with a bit of guidance, to ensure the look is still cohesive.

~ Receptions at relaxed outdoor non-venues, like barns, fields, backyards...., Or at the other end of the spectrum, super swanky soirées in restaurants, wineries and the likes. 

~ An emphasis on good food and its presentation. We are still seeing a lot of dessert tables and lolly bars. Grazing tables and cheese tables are hot too.

~ Fun. Even glamorous weddings have become less about stuffy formalities and more about a damn good knees up.

~ Activites: photobooths, creative guest registry, lawn games, cocktail mixing stations...... 

~ Styled engagement shoots. A super way to get to know your photographer and stylist better before the big one. And get some fun, last hurrah photos while you are at it.

Do you have any great tips for couples planning their wedding? 

~ Work to a theme and colour palette. Don't roll your eyes, a theme can be as loose as the atmosphere you would like to create. Keep these in mind when making decisions. Everything fits in with both the theme and palette. 

~ Do what you want. The day is about you and your love, to be celebrated in any unique way that you please. 

~ Hire a stylist. You have enough to do. Even if you are a DIYer, you can hire a stylist for the day to set up and do the jobs which can't be done ahead of time, like flowers. You and your friends and family, will have worked hard on getting all the details together. You deserve a relaxed day of celebration. Donchathink?

Ok, we're convinced you're amazing, where can our couples find you? 

You can check out some of work on Facebook or email us for more information. www.facebook.com/FolkloreandCo email: jenniferclarke@bigpond.com


The AIPP ACT Print Awards 2014
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We are just back from the AIPP NSW/ACT Print Awards in Sydney. What a huge week it was! 

I've been attending the awards for quite a few years now and have been so blown away by the amazing results I have got, this year, for me was evenbetter. This year we were invited to judge, which for me is quite possibly the biggest moment in my career so far! To have the absolute honour of seeing and judging THE best, most inspiring work in the state was just mind blowing. The work this year was INCREDIBLE! 

Of course, as well as judging we entered the awards. In the past I have always entered my client work, it meant a lot to me that I achieved awards with your photos, with the work I do every day, but this year I thought it was time I really pushed myself to another level. I wanted to really test my skills, not only as a photographer but in the developing and editing stage, I wanted to jump outside my comfort zone and go out on a limb.... I went WAAAAY out on that limb and came up with some work that was more fun, it was me experimenting and playing so to be awarded with four silver awards was AMAZING. I am so excited! Even more exciting was that I also was a finalist for ACT Illustrative Photographer of the year with my little experiments, I am one very happy girl!! 

When I started my journey about 8 years ago, I didn't have a clue how to use Photoshop, not one clue!! I got quite upset actually that photography had become less about taking a photo and more about what people could do on the computer... I sat and sulked for a little while and then realised that this was the future of photography, my days in a darkroom were in the past and I needed to embrace it. I sat for weeks, months, on end until 2am every night teaching myself every little technique I could. 
Now, just a short time later, to be awarded for such highly photoshopped work, for me is a huge compliment. It shows that with perseverance and dedication you can learn and of course, you can achieve anything!! 


We're considering running some basic Photoshop classes, if you're interested make sure you drop us a line or leave a comment below so we can start to plan! 

*All Images are, of course, subject to copy write. xx




Katrina + Dane
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I'm not even sure where to start to explain how insanely beautiful, perfectly put together and ingredibly heartwarming Katrina and Dane's wedding was. I think instead, it would be best to let the images do the talking, after all a picture is worth a thousand words! 

As photographers, we love details, tiny little peices of a couples heart, they have spent time and energy putting together, to be just perfect for their day. I can appreciate not only the time but the beautiful love put into each and every little element, so when we are presented with the most beautifully crafted wedding, my heart sings with delight. You will soon see that my heart was possibly singing so loud on Satruday it might have been heard for miles. 

Set at the always perfect Cupitt's Winery with those incredible muted tones of vineyard's kissed by autumn chills and grass that seems to go on forever. Black cows grazing in the fields, it is beyond superb, with it's stone walls and French feeling heart. Their reception room full of fresh blooms, sitting atop the rustic style barn floors, with tiny jars of golden honey made by Katrina's family and their bee's, candles glowing in the warm light as if tiny fires burning to warm the chilly air. 

I adore it. 

I adore Katrina and Dane. 

Nothing I say can acurately describe their beauty, both inside and out, their eye for detail, their beautiful ideas, their absolute genuine love for each other. Its almost contagious and as I edited their images, their energy just filled my heart. 

Oh Im gushing again.. I know but honestly, if you dont feel the same after looking through these well.... you just will. I know it. 

Dane and Katrina. you two are amazing souls I have had the great honour of meeting. Thank you. 

Enjoy! xx 

Katrina and Dane's Perfect Dream Team:

The Dress: Regina By Wendy Makin

The Hair: Caroline, Voli Ulladulla

The Make-up: Vanessa at Soulful Beauty

Those Incredible Flowers: Shady Fig, Nowra

The Cake: Devilish Cakes, Kiama 

The Decorations: The incredible Katrina, with some help from Bluebird Style and Decorate 

The Celebrant: Ebony Millard 

The Boys Suits: Briony Leigh Bridal, Miranda





Kristen and Matt's Eden Wedding
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There is something truely special about creating memories in places that hold your heart from times past. There's a knowing, a trust and an intimate relationship that exists, which no one else can ever see. 

Kristie grew up here. I can't imagine how amazing that was, as a young girl. Endless grass fields with lazy sheep grazing, a calm river that kisses the grainy sand at it's edges. It is simply beautiful and I am sure it holds a precious place in her heart. 

For Kristie and Matt to stand there, on that same land on their wedding day just meant a whole new moment, a new chapter could be witnessed by the beautiful tall tree's that watched her grow.

With the bird sounds ringing through the tree's like bells, they made their promises to each other.

There are no words to describe its perfection.


If you love it all as much as I do here's their amazing dream team:

The Dress: Spurling Canberra 

THe Girls Hair: Hair Rock Scissors, Pambula 

THe Make-up: Ella Bache Pambula 

The Flowers: Whitby's Florist, Pambula 

The Cake: Macaron Tower, Ricardo's Canberra 

The Decorations: Saying I Do, Canberra 

The Celebrant: Kylie Grey, Merimbula

The Suits: Man to Man, Canberra  





Monique + James' Wollongong Wedding
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So blessed and beautiful are these two that even the clouds took part in ensuring their day was perfect. The rain, falling everywhere but where they were. 

It was, the most incredibly beautiful day, that words could never do juctice. Instead, I urge you, I beg you to look through each and every image here because I know that they will touch your heart, as they touched mine.

Their day, their perfect day, with a cool breeze and painted sky was flawless and beautiful. 


Monique + James' Dream Team:

Moniques Dress: Two Birds Bridal, Sydney

The Girls Hair: Sonia Pearce - Artistic Flair Batemans Bay 

The Make-up: Jay Kruse, Wollongong 

The Flowers: Woonona Florist 

The Cake: Delaney's Cakes Wollongong

The Ceremony Decorations: South Coast Party Hire

The Reception Decorations: Bella Portofino 

The Celebrant: Tanya Hayes, Wollongong 

The Boys Suits: Tramps Menswear, Wollongong